Simplified Facebook Advertising.
Building An Engaged Audience With the Power Of Artificial Intelligence

Engages Your Current Audience With "Recency Bias"

Boosteroid.Ai finds the people in your current audience who have a history of engagement and prioritizes showing your post to them. 

Understand that only a small percent of people who "like" a facebook page ever engage with it.

Even fewer continue to engage and pay attention for longer periods of time. 

Boosteroid.AI has a "recency bias" so it doesn't waste your ad money showing your posts to people who are no longer interested. 

Uses AI To Identify New Audiences That "Look Like" Your Current Engaged Audience

Boosteroid.AI identifies new people who are similar to people who engage with your content and present your posts to this group.

This is how your engaged audience grows. Getting your content in front of the "right " people. 

Artificial intelligence goes beyond using simple interests or demographics to find similar people. It compares hundreds of variables to find the best audience for YOUR CONTENT. 

Ai Powered Audience Engagement & Growth simplifies your Facebook advertising experience.

Most small and local businesses know they could be finding customers using paid Facebook ads, but they don't know where to start.

Boosteroid.Ai automatically promotes each of your Facebook Page post using a daily budget you specify. 

How It Works

All you do to get started is to answer a few simple questions.
For example, What is your daily budget? Are you a local or national business? How often do you post new content ? 

Once Boosteroid has the data it will connect to your facebook ad account as well as connect to your Facebook page. 
From there it takes over the promotion and audience finding duties. 
You sit back and watch your audience grow. 

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Chat Interface

Let Me Get Started

User friendly chat interface. 
Do you have questions? Go ahead and ask. 
Want to change your budget or radius? 
- Let the Boosteroid know and you changes will be made. 

Save Time =

Money Saved


Once we are up and running will be $100 a month. 

(great price to save you a ton of time and worry)

For early adopters - 
$50/Month  -
You can connect 3 each Ad account and pages. 
You will get to keep this price as long as you are a customer. 

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